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Ama clean (MA 1010)

Ama clean (MA 1010)

Helps detoxify the whole body to make you feel renewed, clear and healthy.

Digestive impurities, chemicals, toxins from the air and water, and stress can accumulate in your body faster than it can deal with them. They may have been there for years.

In ayurveda, these impurities are called "Ama". They disturb the liver, circulation, nutrition, elimination, blood, muscle and fat tissue. Even if you eat healthy food, if your digestion is not perfect, your body is still likely to produce Ama.

While some internal cleansers purify the colon and digestive tract only, Detox detoxifies your whole body by helping to purify the liver and metabolism, to support absorption of nutrients and reduce digestive impurities and to cleanse the sweat glands and eliminative organs to support production of pure nutritional fluid, blood and fat tissue.
Tribulus terrestris(Small Caltrops), Hemidesmus indicus(Indian Sarsaparilla), Glycyrrhiza glabra(Liquorice), Tinospora cordifolia Wild(Gulancha Tinospora), Rosa centifolia(Cabbage Rose), Ipomoea turpethum(White turpeth), Andrographis paniculata(Kalmegh), Berberis aristata(Indian Barberry), Cyperus rotundus(Nut grass), Curcuma longa(Turmeric), Swertia chirata(Chiretta), Santalum album(White sandalwood), Rubia cordifolia(Indian Madder), Cassia fistula(Indian Laburnum), Withania somnifera(Aswagandha), Azadirachta indica(Neem), Ferroso-ferric oxidum(Iron bhasma), Azadirachta indica(Neem), Corallium rubrum(Red coral), Acacia arabica Willd(Gum Arabic), Calcii carbonas(Calcium carbonate), Talcum(Talc)


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