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Golden Transition/Menopause Support 1 (MA 938)
Balances women's physiology during perimenopause and menopause.
259 SEK
Happy woman org.
A spice mixture specially made for
Intimate soap
Fresh, rich, intimate soap based on the natural content and mild with a very pleasant fragrance.
145 SEK
Iris creme -Sensational calm
Immediate relief cream specifically for irritated and reddened skin.
574 SEK
Lust Kvinna Holistic
Holistic Lust Kvinna är ett kosttillskott.
245 SEK
MA 2 (Genitrac organic)
Supports normal genitourinary function, digestion and assimilation.
245 SEK
495 SEK
MA347 / Rejuvenation for Ladies
Balances Apana Vata for menstrual comfort and youthfulness.
295 SEK
Sensational relief -Hydrogel
Provides immediate comfort and relief and leaves a uniform and bright complexion.
417 SEK
Shatavari churna organic
Shatavari is one of the most important herbs for women in Ayurveda. The name can be translatet...
145 SEK
Wild Yam Gel Extra Strength
Används vid PMS besvär och vid klimakteriet
325 SEK

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