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Rawchokladfabriken Raw Choklad Crunchy Mint Nibs
Cold-pressed mint intermingled here with crunchy cacao nibs and rawchoklad made from unroasted...
Rawchoklad Original 73%
Rawchoklad in its purest form. Nothing strange. Just very good.
Rawchoklad Maca Guarana
Lust raising Maca combined with stimulant Guarana.
Acai Beads, Organic
The aromatic and fruity tart acai-berries refines these fruit beads, and gives them their lovely...
Laddu for Love Organic
Laddu for Love Bio
Rose water org.
Rose water
Candied Amla-fruits
Amla crystallised in Sharkara. Only the best Amla fruits are selected and then crystallised in...
Mung dahl org.
Ayurveda recommends that one should eat pulses regularly, as they are rich in protein and very...
Sharkara sugar
Ayurveda describes many types of sugar.
Amalaki Drops (Amla)
The main ingredient of these sweets is Sharkara, Ayurvedic sugar, together with a high proportion...
149 SEK
Contains 100% virgin, cold-pressed, organic Coconut butter (Cold pressed virgin oil)
195 SEK
Coconut oil, odorless eco.
Examples of how one can use Coconut oil:
Spirulina Algae thrives in alkaline saltwater and is grown in organically certified water...
169 SEK
159 SEK
149 SEK
Biological dried figs.
Almond drink org.
Blanched almonds, winter cherry, raw sugar and other Ayurvedic herbs make this revitalizing...
129 SEK
AyurDigest Drops
Spices play an important dietary role. They have a finely co-ordinated balance of nutrients,...
Biological cashews
Biological honey from South America.
179 SEK
Biological roasted cashew paste from Monki.
Biological unroasted cashew paste from Monki.
149 SEK
In Ayurveda the digestive power is called "Agni". The demands of our modern lifestyle, such as...
Raw Bite - Cashew
Organic fruit and nut bite
Coconut oil 200ml
Examples of how one can use Coconut oil:
Rose marmelade
149 SEK
Spirulina, en av jordens äldsta livsformer och den första som uppfann fotosyntes.
140 SEK
160 SEK
195 SEK
249 SEK
165 SEK
Enzymeja (Holistic)
349 SEK
Raw Bite - Raw Cacao
Organic fruit and nut bar

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