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Vata tea bio.
Create a zone of inner calm
Good night tea
In the classical Ayurvedic text `Charak Samhita‘ it is written: Sound sleep brings happiness,...
Pitta tea bio.
This subtle mixture containing rose petals and mild spices possesses cooling and Pitta-pacifying...
Kapha tea bio.
Feeling tired, exhausted or cold?
Take it easy tea
According to the Ayurvedic texts, the ingredients in this tea promote clarity and contentment.
Digest Plus tea eko.
A hot and spicy tea with ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon and black pepper. According to Ayurveda it...
For the active man Tea
Stress and exhaustion? No drive? Take a break with a nice cup of tea before you go full speed...
Raja's cup
The recipe used for this coffee substitute is exactly the same as that used by the kings of...
Be Trim tea / Meda
For all those who want to keep their ideal figure Maharishi Ayurveda holds a comprehensive...
Yogi  Tea - Classic
Close your eyes, inhale and let the rich, exotic aroma of cinnamon and ginger trasport you to a...
Amalaki Vital Drink Powder (Amla)
Amalaki Vital Drink Powder makes a tasty drink, full of vitality. Drink at breakfast, to aid...
Raja's Cup in bags
48 gr. (24 individual bags)
Yogi Tea - Classic Chai (loose tea)
Close your eyes, inhale and let the rich, exotic aroma of cinnamon and ginger trasport you to a...
Yogi tea - Green Chai
Delicate, fragrant and smooth, Green Chai is a light and refreshing alternative to the rich, dark...
Chamomile - organic
Organic chamomile
Yogi Tea - Rooibos
In the warmth of the mountains of southern Africa, the Rooibos grows hanging onto cliffs and...
Yogi Tea - Choco
Mild chocolate flavour with a touch of spice - children love it!
Yogi Tea - Black Chai
Robust, rich and spicy, Black Chai is the original chai blend, which has been a favourite drink...

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