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Body lotion - Pitta org.
For Normal to Sensitive Skin Pitta Body Lotion is a fluid, natural liquid crystal emulsion...
Body lotion - Slimming org.
Slimming Body Lotion is a natural liquid crystal emulsion with a high concentration of active...
Body lotion - Vata org.
For Normal-Dry Skin Vata Body Lotion is a fluid, natural liquid crystal emulsion formulated to...
Body Lotion Firming  org. MAPIT
For Firming & Toning
Cleansing Milk - Purifying
Purifying Cleansing Milk is a creamy, purifying liquid emulsion, formulated to remove impurities...
Cleansing Milk - Vata/Pitta MAPIT
Vata-Pitta Cleansing Milk is a creamy, liquid emulsion for normal, dry and sensitive skin,...
Cleansing Milk Anti Age - MAPIT
Facial Cream Pitta - MAPIT org.
For Normal-Sensitive Skin
Facial Cream Purifying anti acne MAPIT org.
This purifying anti-acne face cream is a smooth, light, natural liquid crystal emulsion
Facial Cream Vata - MAPIT  org.
For Normal-Dry Skin.
Facial mask - Vata Pitta
Vata-Pitta Face Mask is a refined nourishing and purifying facial treatment for dry, sensitive or...

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