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Classic Ayurveda - Aloe Vera gel
For all skin types. To maintain youthful skin use this nutrient rich plant. It is naturally...
Lakshmi kajal Emerald No. 204
Veda Lila's kvalitetsgaranti
Lakshmi kajal Green Dragon No. 436 LE
Veda Lila's kvalitetsgaranti
Lakshmi kajal Pearl White No. 216
Veda Lila's kvalitetsgaranti
Neroli Bath & Shower Oil org.
Neroli Bath & Shower Oil for a natural mood enhancer. This cheering bath oil combines...
Pilex Himalaya
Rose Bath & Shower Oil org.
Rose Bath & Shower Oil, is wonderfully luxurious and relaxing. Aromatherapy essential oils...
Wild Yam Gel Extra Strength
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