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Ajwain seeds org.
Reduces Kapha, Vata
AyurDigest Drops
Spices play an important dietary role. They have a finely co-ordinated balance of nutrients,...
Digest  (MA 927)
Helps balance appetite and support digestion. Makes food more satisfying and nutritious.
Digest Plus tea eko.
A hot and spicy tea with ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon and black pepper. According to Ayurveda it...
Digest special - MA 154
Helps balance appetite and support digestion.
Fennel seeds, eco.
Fennel adds taste to curry powder. It also goes well with pork and game, soups, pickles and...
Fenugreek - organic
Fenugreek - organic
Ghi- biobutter 300ml  (Ghee)
An integral part of Ayurvedic cuisine, ghee is the pure fat from butter. It balances the Pitta...
Hing- Asafoetida
Native to the Middle East, asafoetida is a perennial plant that grows about six feet (1.83 m)...
Hingvashhtaka is a wonderful mix of spices to use when preparing food or sprinkle on the prepared...
Trikatu bio.
This mixture is a speciality of Ayurveda. It combines black pepper, long pepper (Pippali) and...
Triphala powder, organic
Triphala Rose (MA 505) org.
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