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Ajwain seeds org.
Reduces Kapha, Vata
Avipattikar churna org.
Avipattikar Churna which maintains normal level of acidity. This unique formula removes heat from...
AyurDigest Drops
Spices play an important dietary role. They have a finely co-ordinated balance of nutrients,...
Digest  (MA 927)
Helps balance appetite and support digestion. Makes food more satisfying and nutritious.
Digest Plus tea eko.
A hot and spicy tea with ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon and black pepper. According to Ayurveda it...
Digest special - MA 154
Helps balance appetite and support digestion.
Fennel seeds, eco.
Fennel adds taste to curry powder. It also goes well with pork and game, soups, pickles and...
Fenugreek - organic
Fenugreek - organic
Ghi- biobutter 300ml  (Ghee)
An integral part of Ayurvedic cuisine, ghee is the pure fat from butter. It balances the Pitta...
Hing- Asafoetida
Native to the Middle East, asafoetida is a perennial plant that grows about six feet (1.83 m)...
Hingvashhtaka is a wonderful mix of spices to use when preparing food or sprinkle on the prepared...
Trikatu bio.
This mixture is a speciality of Ayurveda. It combines black pepper, long pepper (Pippali) and...
Triphala powder, organic
Triphala Rose (MA 505) org.
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