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Amalaki Drops (Amla)
The main ingredient of these sweets is Sharkara, Ayurvedic sugar, together with a high proportion...
Amalaki Hair Oil with Bringaraj
The hair loses its vitality and strength through the use of aggressive shampoos, hair colouring...
Amalaki Vital Drink Powder (Amla)
Amalaki Vital Drink Powder makes a tasty drink, full of vitality. Drink at breakfast, to aid...
Amlaberry / MA 1
Amalaki, also called Indian gooseberry or Amla fruit. Amalaki contains anti-oxidants and a...
Candied Amla-fruits
Amla crystallised in Sharkara. Only the best Amla fruits are selected and then crystallised in...
This traditional Ayurvedic product, manufactured according to original recipe from the classical...
Chyavanprash - 250gr
Our Chyavanprash is produced for Veda Lila in a small, traditional factory. The Amla fruits and...
Classic Ayurveda - Shampoo
Also suitable for sensitive scalp Mild emulsifiers nurture hair and scalp. With added natural...
Classic Ayurveda - Vital creme
For normal to dry skin. A rich cream of medium consistency. It contains Amalaki, the legendary...
Massage oil - Classic Ayurveda
For a body massage before showering or bathing. This jewel of classical ayurvedic body care...
Triphala Rose (MA 505) org.
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