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225 SEK
Ashwagandha Organic tablets
Ashwagandha or winter cherry is one of the most commonly used herbs in Ayurveda. This plant,...
165 SEK
Ashwagandha powder organic
Withania somnifera
165 SEK
Energy Cream with sandalwood
Specifically for sensitive skin; provides immediate relief from redness, dehydration and irritation.
395 SEK
Fertility plus men MA 1790
Supports fertility and vigour
295 SEK
50 tab, 1000 mg per tablet
235 SEK
For the active man Tea
Stress and exhaustion? No drive? Take a break with a nice cup of tea before you go full speed...
49 SEK
Fresh Shaving Gel  with sandalwood Lakshmi
Ensures an ultra comfortable shave for all skin types, even more sensitive ones.
165 SEK
Ground Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris).
165 SEK
Happy man spice blend org.
A spice mixture specially made for
69 SEK
Supports strength, vitality and male sexual function.
245 SEK
Balances shukra, increases ojas, refines all aspects of digestion, supports vitality, libido and...
395 SEK
MA 2 (Genitrac organic)
Supports normal genitourinary function, digestion and assimilation.
245 SEK
MA 631
Shilajit, Guggul, Silver fir, Long pepper, Black pepper, Galls, Ginger, Gum arabic, Indian kudzu,...
395 SEK
Mucuna pruriens, organic
Mucuna pruriens (Atmagupta / Kapikacchu, engl: cowhage)
165 SEK
Soothing after shave gel with Sandalwood
195 SEK

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